The Team

Our team is made up of  passionate and commited Christians from different backgrounds and generations. From Baby Boomers to Centennials, gifted in many ways and serving selflessly as one happy family, in Christ! 

The Leadership Team

Valerie Elliot - Founder / Trustee / Events Facillitator 

Sheila Willard - Trustee / The Gathering - Coordinator

Michelle Omo-Olaye - Trustee / Administrator

Shola Noah - Trustee

Hillary Chipatiso - Bookkeeper / Hospitality Team Leader

Justina Yawson - Worship Missionaries - Coordinator

Zoe Ikeotunonye - Precious Hearts - Leadership Team

Bibiana Obahor - Precious Hearts - Leadership Team

Christabel Opara - Precious Hearts - Leadership Team

There are many others who serve faithfully as part of the sub-ministries and behind the scenes. All these wonderful people make up our valued Elyott Generation family!

Would you like to serve with us?

If you would like opportunities to serve with your gifts and be a blessing to the wider body of Christ, just sign up to volunteer and we will keep you updated about such opportunities.

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