Who We Are


Since April 2009, "Time Away With Jesus" as a ministry had the privilege of serving the body of Christ in a number of ways. We hosted Day and Weekend Retreats/Gatherings, ministered to girls and teenagers via Precious Hearts, ministered and served in worship via Worship Missionaries and mentored many. 

But, our name has changed! Our new name is THE ELYOTT GENERATION.

Why the change?

It is a new season for us as a ministry and we have embraced the fuller expression of our God-given mandate.

 Elyott means - Jehovah is God / the Lord is God / Our God is the Lord. We are fully embracing: Who we are, Whose we are and What we were created to fulfil in the earth.

According to Isaiah 54:2, we are “Enlarging the place of our tent, and letting the curtains of our habitations be stretched out; lengthening our cords and strengthening our stakes!”

Our team is made up of committed and passionate Christians from different backgrounds.

The Elyott Generation is a registered CIO (Charitable Incorporated Organisation)

Our Charity Number is 1159926. 

The Elyott Generation is a member of Churches in Communities International.

What We Do


Our mandate is to continue stirring hearts to seek a deeper and more intimate relationship with the Lord. 

We focus on supporting individuals in their pursuit of purpose and personal development, in Christ. Raising and equipping people to embrace their identity in Christ and step into fulfilling the Lord’s desire and callings for their lives.

We do this via:

  • The Gatherings - Our meetings and Conferences. These are powerful times of prayer, worship, teaching of God's word and fellowship. (Formerly  Time away with Jesus events.)
  • Worship Missionaries - A worship Ministry, serving in worship and equipping singers and musicians spiritually.
  • Precious Hearts - Equipping  the younger generation of girls to live in the truth of their identity in Christ.
  • True Love Experience - Expressing God’s love in personal and practical ways. Giving hope, encouragement, support and affirming personal value. 
  • Vision Support - Supporting individuals in establishing and maintaining their vision. 
  • Vision Helpers - Providing opportunities for people to serve others with their time, gifts and resources.
  • Mentoring.

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How We Can Support You


Check out our Spiritual Development pages:

Talks and Teachings

Holding His Gaze

Worshippers Huddle


Vision Support:
We aim to provide encouragement, helpful resources and guidance, as individuals take steps of faith to fulfill their callings, in any sphere of life. 

We offer Vision support in two ways:
- Vision Development Programme
- Affiliation

Vision Development Programme:
The foundation of anything determines it's longevity. This programme is a mentoring process, to help the visionary through the various stages of establishing their vision. It is important to us that each vision is established with integrity and in alignment with the word of God. 


One of the greatest human needs is that of connection. Real connection. Heart connection. Godly connection!

By affiliating with The Elyott Generation, you would be making a real and godly connection, with passionate Christians who are intentional about maintaining an intimate relationship with the Lord, and mindful of fulling purpose.

Do not stand alone in your calling. We are stronger and more effective together, in Christ!


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