HOLDING HIS GAZE (Poem by Valerie Elliot)

I looked away in fear, yet again.
Though His eyes continue to draw me in.
I cannot believe how loved I am,
by the only One who is I Am.

I tried to steal another glance.
This love is too deep, it is not the usual romance.
My heart, my soul and mind need to agree,
with the Truth about the Messiah's love for me.

He says "Look up, Look here, Look straight at Me.
This is the only position for seeing your true Identity.
I made you for this deep level of intimacy.
So, draw near, hold my gaze, and learn how to be one with Me!"

"My Spirit, My Word and My song over you,
Bring you revelation of all you are meant to do.
Just be with Me in personal moments like these.
So my presence and truth can fully become your peace."

I lift up my head to look in His eyes.
I still don't understand why it has taken so many tries.
I thought I believed all He's said about me.
But it's now clear that His words have not yet become my reality.

I long to see, to know and to hear.
With a heart so set and a mind so clear.
That His truth cancels out every lie from hell.
And His joy is so strengthening, much more than I can tell.

I align my eyes and my heart with His,
Ready to receive His every word with ease.
This God, this One, this mighty redeemer
Is making me whole and life so much better.

I have never known a love so gentle, yet fierce.
There's no part of my heart that this love cannot pierce.
I could never explain how this kind of closeness,
Is the very expression of living and oneness.

Our Lord and Messiah holds life’s very meaning.

The presence of God is much more than a feeling.

His principles reveal the standards to meet.

His gaze draws me in, we are one in spirit.

I have decided to stay here all of my days.
Just seeking His face and holding His gaze.
This way of life, this place of intimacy,
Is helping me embrace my truest identity!

©2018 Valerie Elliot 

Would you like to develop a more intimate relationship with the Lord? Join us in this pursuit!

As Christians, it is easy to be distracted by life's activities or be deceived that our service to God or knowledge of His word is our intimacy with Him.

There is a place for service and everything else, but nothing is more important than our one-to-one heart connection with the Lord. There are a lot of lies, challenges and fears, that distort our perception of His truth concerning us.

"Holding His Gaze" is our way of recapturing those truths and staying sensitive to His heart, by taking time to reflect on Scripture, align with His heart and embrace His love.

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