These are just a few of some keywords that are often spoken or thought about by people who know that there is more to life than fun, falling in love and making money. 

There seems to be a greater awareness these days, that we are here on earth for a reason. We all have an innate desire for personal fulfilment. Our God-given abilities and God-orchestrated opportunities have started to stir us towards answering “the call”.  

There is a “fulfilment hole” that can only be filled by answering “the call”.

“The call” is whatever God put in you to make a positive difference in this world, that can only be released by you. We are all carrying great “callings” in our hearts and each calling is unique to its bearer.

A lot more people want to do what they love and know that they were born to do; than only doing whatever comes their way. We all need to be intentional about responding to destiny’s call in our hearts. 

o Where are you in this process of responding to the calling in your heart? 

o Have you identified it yet?

o If so, what are you doing about it?

o Do you need support? 

The Elyott Generation has put a support system in place to assist individuals in establishing and maintaining their visions. This is known as our Vision Development Programme.

We aim to provide encouragement, helpful resources, guidance and accountability, as individuals take steps of faith to fulfill their callings, in any sphere of life. Your vision could be a Ministry, Social Enterprise, Business or Charity.

The foundation of anything determines it's longevity. This programme is a mentoring and accountability process, to help the visionary through the various stages of establishing their vision. It is important to us that each vision is established with integrity and in alignment with the word of God.  So, this programme is facilitated accordingly.   

The sessions will be spread over a period of 12 months, in 1 – 3 hours monthly sessions.

Some topics will be covered in a group session, whilst others will be covered in one-to-one sessions. Sessions will take place in person and via Online conference facilities, as applicable.

Sessions will explore:

  • ​​What is your Mission? What is your Vision? (One-to-one session)
  • The Ways of God ​​
  • Kingdom Resources
  • ​Teachings, Trainings and Prayers
  • Required and Helpful Resources 
  • Administration 
  • Vision Executio​n​ (One-to-one session included)
  • Progress Reviews (One-to-one appointments)

The monthly subscription fee is £40 or more.

By the end of this programme, each visionary would have stepped actively into the path of fulfilling their vision. 

A Certificate of Achievement will be given upon the successful completion of the programme. 

Do you need godly support?

This could be the right programme for you! 

Get in touch today to begin your Vision Development journey.

Or, do you desire to be connected to passionate Christians who are intentional about maintaining an intimate relationship with the Lord, and mindful of fulling purpose? 

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