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Be Encouraged, Strengthened, Challenged and Refreshed as you listen to these talks and teachings by Rev. Valerie Elliot.


TBN Presents: Rev. Valerie Elliot

Living a life of worship and experiencing God in our everyday!

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TBN UK: Lent 2019 Devotionals


The God perspective of Good. 

 A reflection on Isaiah 53: 4-5


 TBN UK: Lent 2019 Devotionals  

Dare to Stand Out!!!
A reflection on Psalm 1:1-3



TBN UK: Lent 2019 Devotionals

Give 💯. No holding back!

A reflection on Matthew 27:34  


TBN UK: Lent 2019 Devotionals

What do you value?

A reflection on Matthew 24:1-2 


A Teaching about WHOLENESS by Valerie Elliot. 

At: The Tribe, Lagos, Nigeria.


See, I Do A New Thing!

Valerie Elliot at Celebrate Conference Twickenham 2018.

Twickenham, England.


Going Deeper With God

A reflective teaching by Valerie Elliot at Time Away With Jesus Gathering.

Romford, England.